Concerned About Your Child’s Behavior?

Does your young child?

Have difficulty during transition times:

  • getting out of the house in the morning on time for school
  • going to bed when told to do so

Whine or throw tantrums
Not listening the first time

Have difficulty during play time:

  • not sharing
  • playing too rough

Resist engaging in self-care:

  • bathing
  • brushing teeth
  • getting dressed

Eat only limited foods

Does your elementary school age child?

Have difficulty being on time for school
Display sibling conflict

  • fighting
  • not sharing
  • showing disrespect

Avoid homework
Show disrespect to adults

Does your pre-adolescent or adolescent?

Display a chronic bad attitude
Disregard academic demands
Push the envelope requesting independence
Steal or have trouble telling the truth
Break curfew
Engage in bullying
Fail to comply with parental requests
Use rude or offensive speech

In these situations do you find yourself?

  • Endlessly explaining to your children why they should behave better?
  • Repeatedly telling your child to complete a task dozens of times with little success?
  • Continuously punishing your child with little or no positive effects?
  • Often feeling your responses to your child’s behavior are as “out of control” as your child’s behavior?

The effective, skill based interventions parents learn in Parent Management Training (PMT) are over 80% effective in addressing the wide range of problem behaviors in children of all ages.


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